If you wish to speak on behalf of a wolf, you must live as a wolf
— Nez Perce


These courses are for anybody who has an interest or passion for wolves. Shaun's intimate way of learning about the wolf family has given him access to information never known or understood before. Find out about their family roles and functions, their intricate language and natural development. You will hear amazing stories from Shaun's time with various wolves and you will see all of this practically with our stunning animals.

Wolves ~ The forgotten language (4 days)

Wolves are natures teachers. So many people feel drawn to wolves but can't explain why. To begin to understand our connection to wolves we must first re-visit where we both began.

Although it is true that wolves did aid us in our hunting and probably did offer us some protection as well as companionship, they also taught us how to develop socially and emotionally. They gave us the gift of family and community and the ability to identify with ourselves and others as unique valued individuals. Our unique wolf course offers people the chance to re-connect by learning a forgotten language from the perpspective of a member of the wolf family.

The course is a four day course but people have the option to attend the first day alone if requested.

Learn about the different social characters that make up the family, each one valued for the job that they do.

Learn about how these characters mirror our own and how this influences the way we deal with the world around us

Learn about the way the wolves talk to one another and teach each other in a beautiful, balanced and respectful way. You will not hear terms like dominance and submission as this is not the true world of the wolf.

Learn about the various stages of development and how the wolf family nurture each other through them giving these animals their incredibly balanced nature

Learn about the neuroscience behind what the wolves are doing and why (including the development of the mammalian brain and the ingrained emotional systems)

This course gives you a perfect balance of theory and practical work, where we will spend lots of time out with the animals observing what we are learning. You will meet and interact with the animals, getting a 'feel' for the different characters, seeing who approaches you and why?

As the course progresses you will be working your way through the levels of acceptance with the animals, moving through the stages as you answer their questions and give them your information.

We often measure progress by the amount we move and look forwards, but we believe that sometimes to truly progress we need to look back to our past, to the brothers and sisters that once we respected and trusted.

Attendees must be 16 or over

£610 per person