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Understanding the natural side of our dogs - 5 days

The five-day course gives you the foundation for the approach, devised by Shaun & Kim Ellis which is used at the Centre.
This approach to dog behaviour/psychology was constructed with information gained from nearly 30 years studying and living with captive and wild wolves. Shaun’s old school naturalist way of living among his subject gave him access to information never gained before. The approach uses this in-depth knowledge of wolf families and their intricate language in a developmental approach to raising pups through their natural stages to become emotionally stable, balanced animals. The same method is used to work with vulnerable, difficult dogs repairing disruptions in their development. The behavioural work that is used by Shaun, Kim and the licensed instructors is now being backed by recent developments in neuroscience and emotions.
This intensive course uses a mixture of theory based learning and practical sessions to teach the foundation of this approach.
By the end of a “brain-sizzling” week, full of "light bulb" moments delegates will find they have a completely different understanding of dogs and are left with a thirst to know more about this fascinating world.
The topics covered will be;
Social positioning and its relevance to dogs – (natural & associated)
The rule of four
Communication and behaviour
~ Clock face
~ The six words and what they mean to the dog
~ What the different areas of the dog mean
~ The four levels of discipline
~ The four levels of acceptance
~ The chemical world of the dog
The circles of development
~ what they are
~ what is taught
~ What is happening in the brain at each stage
~ How we go back to repair trauma/disruptions
~ Calming signals
The theory is broken up by practical demonstrations using our schooling dogs and our wolf-hybrids.
You can choose to attend this in-depth course as the first option for learning about the Ellis' approach to dog behaviour, or alternatively it works very successfully as a continuation stage for those who have attended the one-day introductory course.
It is also the first module for those embarking on the Licensed Instructor programme. (continuation on to further courses is by invitation only) - Cost £695