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Wisdom from the wild weekend

In this chaotic world, the state of the natural world and human behaviour feels out of balance. It’s painful watching the news, reading stories about our destructive influence on each other and every living species on the planet.
This loss of connection to one another, nature & animals dilutes our individual responsibility to the environment and although we are starting to make collective strides, many of us fail to see the bigger picture and our role that we all need to play. With a lack of connection, so many have lost our empathy, there’s little remorse for our actions and as a result we are collectively destroying our beautiful planet.
At conception, there is a fusion that is the beginning of a new life. At birth, although there is a physical separation, the emotional connection between mother and baby is incredibly important and is fundamental to the healthy development of the brain. As we grow from babies into children and then into adulthood, loving connection continues to be a major factor in supporting mental health. It is the foundation for all loving relationships, it is how we develop into compassionate human beings.
There are many things that can obstruct us from making loving connections with each other and the world around us. It requires a level of self-awareness, intimacy and openness. The capacity to be fully attentive to others and time.
With overwhelming focus in society on consumerism, we have become distracted from what is real. A mass of information and influence surrounds us, 24 hours a day we are ‘connected’ to technology & media. The boundaries of our employment continue to blur as we move into the ‘interconnected world’ and flexible working. Ironically this false connection distracts us from energetic connection. What if we switched everything off and stopped?
If we went back in time before the developments of the 21st century to re-discover balance, the importance of family, need, trust and responsibility through our primal instinct, it was the animals that taught our ancestors these important lessons and how to live in harmony with the world’s equilibrium.
The wolf family gives us the perfect example of a creature that lives in balance and takes its place within a system that works in cooperation, with the environment and every living thing.
The wolf family has so many lessons to share with us.
On the Wisdom from the wild weekend, Shaun and Kim Ellis will share their knowledge and experience of wolf behaviour and the wolfs inspiring family structure. Through two workshops you will learn:
- The individual identities (that we share) which they promote and nurture, each one different but made to feel special for the role they have as part of the bigger picture.
- The education system they use to develop each family member socially and emotionally, recognising individuals and stage as opposed to age.
-The ability to be in the moment living predominantly in their instinctive brains- something most of us struggle with.
-Their need for one another which we have lost. How different would the worked be if we recognised an individual need with each and every other?
You will also get to experience an individual encounter with the animals which will highlight/confirm your own natural social identity and what this means for us as humans. The animals will also show us where we are emotionally, encouraging us to be honest with our developmental disruptions, and it is this honesty that is the catalyst for the bonds that form between us and the different members of the wolf family.
To support the weekend, Kate Wykes will work with the group energetically to bring in self-awareness and restore our connection with ourselves and the world around us through daily meditation and group healing sessions. You will also get an intuitive 1-2-1 coaching session with Kate to review what could be out of balance in your life or anything that could be holding you back from acting out your unique role in the world. Restoring your equilibrium with yourself & the world.

£375 per person
2 x 2hr workshops with Shaun & Kim Ellis.
Daily group mediation / healing sessions- Kate Wykes
1-2-1 Intuitive coaching session- Kate Wykes
Nature walks which will bring in awareness of the environment
Fire pit.
£525 per person
Tent, sleeping bag, [;us all of the above

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if accommodation was inside, so it’s camping under the stars! We encourage tents, yurts and all things boho.
There will be toilet and shower, tea/ coffee facilities, BBQ grills and electricity to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

For more information and to book your place email