Human Social characters as taught by the wolf family - 1 day

The wolf family is made up of different characters that all perform different roles, we believe that we have those same characters.
Our natural personalities influence how we develop and how we deal with situations and the world around us.
Some of us are naturally more shy, some outgoing. We all learn in different ways and this is, in part down to our natural character.
Like the wolves, we have characters that we would spend all of our time with, some that we would spend little time with and some that we would avoid, a compliment or clash of personalities.
The wolf world is plagued with words like "leader", "Alpha" and "omega" and this terminology implying heirachy and status gives us false impressions of what we are and what we should be, many people believing they must be an "Alpha", do we even know what an alpha is or what they do? I guarantee you, you will be surprised to find out their true characteristics!
We will teach you about all the social characters, their characteristics and what drives their behaviour. You will get to spend time with the animals and see the personalities in action while we explore our own behaviour.
This day is perfect for families, work colleagues, friends or partners wanting a different look at why we behave the way we do!
Cost - £155 per person (special rates for group bookings)

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