A teacher who establishes rapport with the taught, becomes one with them, and learns more from them than he teaches them
— Mahatma Gandi


Are you already working with dogs and looking for a different approach or a deeper understanding? or are you thinking of a new career working with dogs?

Our Licensed Instructor programme is an intensive series of courses, assessments and work experience which give our trainees a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the social and emotional development of dogs as given to us by the wolf family.
Applicants hoping to become licensed instructors need to be enthusiastic and committed individuals who are inspired and open to learning a unique perspective on dog behaviour and delve deeper into the instinctive nature of the domestic dog. 
Our comprehensive programme is both rigorous and challenging, so much so that only those who have truly grasped the principles are invited to continue through to complete the programme, but it's modular design enables you to take it at your own pace, giving you time periods in between the courses for you to consolidate your knowledge and skills.

The programme comprises of;

Understanding the natural and emotional side of our dogs - 5 days
Understanding Aggression (emotions & rehabilitation) - 2 days
Understanding Trauma (emotions & rehabilitation) - 2 days
Understanding Socialising (emotions & rehabilitation) - 2 days
Understanding Separation Anxiety (emotions & rehabilitation) - 2 days
Multi dog households and working with multiple dogs - 2 days
Practical Skills - 5 days
1st Circle of development - Delving Deeper - 2 days
Understanding wolves & me - 4 days

Delegates working through the instructor programme must also complete a minimum of a weeks work experience at the centre.

On completion of the modules above, and when all parties feel they are ready, delegates must complete the instructors courses to become licensed;

Instructors Course Level 2 (5 days) - £1450

The level two course comprises of five days in which delegates show their knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of the approach to dog development used at the centre. Throughout the week there will be a mixture of theory and practical tasks, all designed to highlight any areas that delegates may need to work on before enrolling on the level 3.

Instructors Course Level 3 - £1550

The level three course is the final assessment in becoming a licensed instructor. There will be assessments and tasks throughout the week that will show that delegates have grasped all of the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely and effectively. If delegates are given a pass through this course they will become licensed instructors to The Wolf and Dog Development Centre.

Licensed instructors;

  • will be required to enter a license agreement with the centre (more information can be requested)
  •  will be advertised through the centres website and social media sites
  • will have back up from the centre
  • will be part of a network of instructors with whom they can share advise and experiences
  • be required to continue with updating their knowledge yearly as stated in the license agreement
  • will receive discounted rates on courses, seminars and events
  • will be recommended to the centre's clients for initial assessments or for follow up work and schooling