When you are here and now, sitting totally, not jumping ahead, the miracle has happened. To be in the moment is the miracle.
— Osho

We have a range of unique and inspiring experiences for anyone that has a passion for wolves or canines in general. Set in a secluded spot in the Cornish countryside you can learn about and meet some of our beautiful animals

Fence line Encounter
90 minute Encounter
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This encounter is an option for the younger people that can not participate in the normal encounters. 4 - 12 year olds can come(accompanied by an adult), learn how to talk to the animals, dispel some of the myths and then go and meet them at the fence. 
£40 per adult, £35 per child  (email to book)

Interactive, educational encounter - 90 minutes

This educational experience will take you inside the real world of the wolf family from a perspective of those that have lived with them.

Firstly you will be taught how the animals will ask you questions and how they will invite you to interact with them. You will then be taken into the enclosure with a family of six. You will be able relax and ask questions as you interact with those that come to you. We guarantee that you will find a new and deeper respect for these animals as we commentate on their behaviour and introduce to you their individual social characters and how they work together in perfect unison. You may be lucky enough to hear them demonstrate their long range communication with the howl!
After your time in the enclosure you will be taken to meet Vlad and find out all about our work with him

£99 per person

Email info@wolfcentre.com to book

vip visit

You will arrive at the centre at 11am and be welcomed by Shaun and Kim Ellis. You will hear all about the wolf world, learning about their individual characters and how they work together within the family. You will learn calming signals that you can use to talk to the animals and also how they will communicate with you, telling you when and where you can touch them. You will then be taken out to spend time being "in the moment" with a family of six. You can take pictures throughout your time with the animals but Kim will also take pictures of you with them that you will then be sent. After spending time with the family you can take part in communicating with them with the howl! You will then accompany Shaun & Kim for lunch at the local pub where you can ask Shaun all about his amazing life with wolves. On returning to the centre you will go out on a walk with Vlad through the fields or into the forest and learn about his stages of development and the repair that he has been going through.

£450 for two people (11am - 2pm)