The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice
— Brian Herbert

Understanding the natural side of our dogs - 5 days
(social and emotional development)

The five-day course gives you the foundation for the approach, devised by Shaun & Kim Ellis which is used at the Centre.
This approach to dog behaviour/psychology was constructed with information gained from nearly 30 years studying and living with captive and wild wolves. Shaun’s old school naturalist way of living among his subject gave him access to information never gained before. The approach uses this in-depth knowledge of wolf families and their intricate language in a developmental approach to raising pups through their natural stages to become emotionally stable, balanced animals. The same method is used to work with vulnerable, difficult dogs repairing disruptions in their development. The behavioural work that is used by Shaun, Kim and the licensed instructors is now being backed by recent developments in neuroscience and emotions.
This intensive course uses a mixture of theory based learning and practical sessions to teach the foundation of this approach.
By the end of a “brain-sizzling” week, full of "light bulb" moments delegates will find they have a completely different understanding of dogs and are left with a thirst to know more about this fascinating world.
The topics covered will be;
Social positioning and its relevance to dogs – (natural & associated)
The rule of four
Communication and behaviour
~ Clock face
~ The six words and what they mean to the dog
~ What the different areas of the dog mean
~ The four levels of discipline
~ The four levels of acceptance
~ The chemical world of the dog
The circles of development
~ what they are
~ what is taught
~ What is happening in the brain at each stage
~ How we go back to repair trauma/disruptions
~ Calming signals
The theory is broken up by practical demonstrations using our schooling dogs and our wolf-hybrids.
You can choose to attend this in-depth course as the first option for learning about the Ellis' approach to dog behaviour, or alternatively it works very successfully as a continuation stage for those who have attended the one-day introductory course.
It is also the first module for those embarking on the Licensed Instructor programme. (continuation on to further courses is by invitation only) - Cost £705


Understanding Trauma, emotions & rehabilitation

For many people the word trauma conjures up thoughts of a physical injury, perhaps surprisingly many traumas in dogs occur from every day events related to smell, sound, movement etc.
Trauma will happen when a dogs stress management system is inadequate to deal with everyday events.
Learn how different social characters are susceptible to trauma and how they consequently deal with it.
Learn how we can prevent trauma with the right education (emotionally & socially)
Learn how trauma effects the brain and how we can repair it when things go wrong
There is a huge percentage of dogs that suffer from trauma, most do not need to!
This is an intermediate, two day course. Day one will cover the theory and day two will be practical work where we will, as a group assess and work with an unknown dog.
Attendees must have completed the five day foundation course and be over sixteen.
Cost - £305


Understanding Aggression, emotions & rehabilitation

Aggression in dogs is a very emotive subject and owning a dog who shows aggressive behaviour can have a severe impact upon families.
This in-depth module offers you the opportunity to study the different types of aggression, what the triggers can be, emotions and brain development involved in defensive behaviour and will provide you with methods to apply without the use of fear or force, so that family life remains peaceful!Topics include:-
Understanding the types of aggression and your dog’s history
The use of role models to deal with defensive behaviour
The brain science involved in defence
Understanding the triggers and the value
What it means when they bite certain areas and using certain teeth
The calming signals and how they would have been taught
 How to rehabilitate an "aggressive" dog
Delegates must have attended the five day foundation course and have received an invitation to continue on with training. Delegates must be age 16 or over.
Cost - £305


Understanding Socialising, emotions & rehabilitation

A dog’s individual and family existence depends totally on their social and emotional development.
Their development will also affect their ability to learn, and how they deal with the world around them.
The method of socialising has changed over the years and is no longer about meeting everything and anything before a critical age but rather to prepare the animals mind emotionally.
At the centre we teach people to gain trust, create a safe environment for socialising but mostly to value the dog as an individual and assess his/her capability to socialise at certain times and with the right animals, to look for warning signs that the right brain activity is not being created.
Socialising for us is learning who or what is good for our dogs at each developmental stage of their lives and preparing their minds to cope with what is asked of them.
Day one of the course will cover the theory and day two will be a practical day working with a dog.
Our approach to this comes from the wolf family and their education system is second to none!
Topics include:
• What is Socialising
• Socialising vs Social acceptance
• Socialising through the social positions
• What happens in the brain during socialising?
• How socialising can go wrong
• Socialising through the circles of development
• How communication can impact on socialising
• Rehabilitation
Attendees must have completed the five-day course and have been invited on to continue training.
Cost - £305


Understanding Separation and Anxiety

There is a popular thought that separation & anxiety is caused by either spending too much or too little time with their dogs.
Separation & Anxiety occurs at a stage of your dogs social and emotional development.
If we do not fulfil our dogs education during this stage by meeting their needs, making them feel special in their role and identity and keeping them safe, then even the most confident and independent animal can develop separation and anxiety problems.
Learn how owners can bond naturally with their dogs and create a feeling of safety and security in their environment.
Learn how to recognise behavioural signs that can lead to a deeper understanding of our dogs mental and emotional needs
Have you ever wondered why, when you have returned home to find your dog has chewed the remote control for the TV into lots of little pieces and scattered them around their bed
What you should be asking is "why the remote?" and not any other item that was available to them?
Why only your husband or wife's shoes and not yours?

Curious? This is just the beginning!!

This is an intermediate two day course and attendees must have completed the five day foundation course and be over sixteen years old.
Cost - £305


Practical Skills

This course is for delegates that have been accepted to train as licensed instructors.
The course aims to enhance the practical skills in all areas of our teachings!

  • Identifying social positions

  • Behavioural assessments

  • Explaining the theory to clients

  • Teaching communication

  • Natural suppressant

  • Running classes

This jam packed five days gives students the opportunity to shadow Shaun and Kim in their day to day behavioural work making sure that the theory and techniques behind their approach is understood fully!
This gives people that are not currently working with dogs some great practical experience.
This course is an essential part of the licensed instructor training programme.
Cost - £495


Multi-dog households & working with multiple dogs - 2 days

With more and more people choosing to have multiple dogs, it is essential that we understand the natural family connections; for this of course we look to the wolves.....
The wolf family exists in harmony and balance with each animal providing a different role and function, the various characters complement and they all value and need one another. This is not always the case with domestic dogs as they often do not get to choose the other members of their families!
Working with multiple dogs can be a challenge for people as it requires us to flex in and out of different social characters ourselves, be able to read the dogs communication quickly and to set the emotional tone for the interactions.
This course will look at;

  • The characters that socially clash or complement

  • Socialising vs Social acceptance

  • How to create "the need"

  • How to educate each animal

  • Introducing multiple dogs

  • Reading the communication for a safe introduction

  • Setting the emotional tone

  • Using teaching dogs

Attendees must have completed the five day foundation course and have been invited on to the instructor training programme
Cost - £305


1st Circle of development - Delving deeper - 2 days

This course is for delegates training to be licensed instructors.
It is essential for our instructors to have a deep understanding of the first stage of development as this is the foundation for all behaviour. Knowledge of this crucial circle is necessary whether instructors are working with pup education or rehabilitating animals with disruptions in their development. These two days will be a mixture of theory and practical work;

  • Overview of knowledge gained on the five day foundation course

  • Calming signals

  • Emotional regulation

  • Recognising interruptions in the 1st circle

  • Recognising a nurturing interruption

  • The neuroscience of the first stage (the ingrained emotional systems)

  • How our own first circle can impact how we work with dogs through this stage

  • How to repair

Cost - £305


Understanding wolves and me - 4 days

This course is for delegates on the licensed instructor training programme.
These four days are a big eye opener for attendees as they will be looking at themselves, their own natural social character and the disruptions in their own developmental stages. All of this information and self reflection is such an important process for working with dogs, as like them it will determine the way in which we deal with situations. Wolves and dogs are masters of being "in the moment", aware of everything happening around them, they stay emotional connected and expect those around them to be there too! This ability, sadly is very hard for most of us to do but is a technique that we must learn to possess in order to work most effectively with the dogs in our care.
We as humans often mistake our natural character, believing we need to be something we are not or thinking that associated characters we have acquired are our natural ones. The wolves and dogs know what we are!

The other part to this course is for delegates to gain the in depth knowledge that underpins our methods....this knowledge is of course the wolves and their incredible education system used to develop each animal. Our instructors must be able to inform owners about the source of the information and techniques used and answer questions about the wolf family and how it transfers to the domestic dog - remember our ethos is always, Wolves, Dogs, People!

Cost - £450